Aalam Consulting Engineering Architecture structure

Our engineers understand the innovative market requirements and demands within the country and are highly sophisticated and expert with understanding the modern architecture with unique points of views, design modern utilization of the best brands in electrical and mechanicals systems Will do our best in order to improve Urbanizations architectural within our construction project globally Aalam consulting has high ranking in Iran’s planning management organization within commercial and residential as well as hotel resorts and currently is venturing out for new projects in different fields such as hospitals and oil and gas constructions.

3D Home design and inspection

Our company was established in 2003 and started with 50.000 square meter construction project and now we have more than 600,000 square meter construction sites with a strong and professional team of engineers. All the projects within the main cities in Iran are observed and regulated by only one government based company ( Ministry of Housing)and our company has the underwrites from the government to approve the submitted projects with all the necessary documents in order to construct buildings which we observe, follow up and assist closely.

Froohar Tarh Sakht Consulting engineering

The need for participation and monitoring of development projects led to the creation of the company in 2009. The consulting engineers as a sister company for 3D HOME Company was divided projects into small and large projects and to projects in line with the method for monitoring the management division of the world and has been in this important step with a capacity of two hundred thousand square meters. stake in the monitor directly in the projects is important

Miami Fardaa Mass Housing

In the near future only It's important to remind them to look at the construction industry, the industry in the future will be guided by companies of all trends that can potentially needed in building engineering have come together. Miami construction company in this regard with a mixture of people with technical knowledge of the areas of academic and management knowledge from the fields of applied-empirical, to the point where it will run from one side of the key people over hundreds of major projects across the country in case of experience records And on the other hand he's using his corporate power and human resources cooperation, in the form of start-up tens of other projects and studies are in progress, while the authority to implement all the projects of the company transparent processes workability competitive and now to participate in projects related to the implementation of the EPC document valid on the group's ability to leave his collection.