Miami Fardaa Mass Housing

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Froohar Tarh Sakht Consulting engineering

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Aalam Consulting Engineering Architecture structure

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3D Home Design Consulting engineering

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Latest project under design

Our company in order to offer best engineering consultancy in our projects studies all the city architectures and produce all the necessary sketches in different sizes from the starting point to the technical tests ,performances and inspection of the wellbeing of construction in all type of foundations used for the project and delivering the best and final result .

Alam Group Specialized subset

Mechanics Expert Group

Electric Expert Group

Designing Expert Group

Structure Expert Group

Property Sales

Participation in Construction

Laboratory And Geotechnics

Materials Securance

The following organizations have declared Aalam group membership

Iranian Concrete Institute

Engineering Organization of Tehran

Mass Housing Association in Tehran

State Planning Organization

ISO 9001: 2008

NDT Forum

Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers

Iranian Society of Civil Engineers

Aalam goals and views

As a well known brand in consulting engineering and architecture within the next five years based on our commitment and focus we are directing our activities towards: _ Acquiring more shares of consulting and design and competing with global market. Best satisfactory results from our innovative engineering and designs from our clients and focusing on improving our services and expertise. Creating jobs for our young engineers in the country.