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In line with the company's name and show the evolution of engineering technology - reliable brand in the country's five-year horizon, above the company's basic values and principles with a focus on the activities enumerated under consideration is the :

  1. obtain the expected share of the market while maintaining the competitiveness of domestic engineering
  2. satisfy employers using modern methods of service
  3. Design and engineering with a focus on specialized areas of continuous optimization
  4. Become the company's consulting activities in specialized fields
  5. Sustainable development and technical capacity to use new technologies
  6. Sustainable development and technical capacity to use new technologies





Company to provide quality services in a range of projects including engineering studies and undergraduate studies, the material resistance tests, destructive or non destructive inspection of welding and ... Is composed of the consensus of its constituent members to achieve the above goals are worthy to take the following measures:

  1. Comprehensive studies on the projects taking shape in the range
  2. Communicate and interact with clients with projects in accordance with the expected service
  3. Create a dynamic organization to provide quality services expected by employers
  4. Attend technical conferences and technical expertise to create the field of data exchange and mutual assistance with other companies providing engineering services
  5. Strengthen the technical strength, scientific and research fields used in the company
  6. And providing technical training and management of the forces working in the company



Key objectives include:

  1. To be competitive in the domestic market
  2. To achieve sustainable growth in the engineering sector
  3. Increase the share of services in the country.
  4. timely response, quality and affordable applications expected to employers (clients)
  5. priority on scientific considerations - environmental expertise relative to other priorities



  1. identify needs, determine priorities and set up programs to achieve corporate goals
  2. growing companies as the private sector's empowerment
  3. Cooperation and Assistance with rival companies to obtain more market shares
  4. The fee for services in the framework of national regulations, employers satisfaction
  5. create a competitive market structure and avoiding excessive and out of the competition rules
  6. Develop and strengthen national capabilities in engineering and participate in seminars and conferences
  7. Adoption of efficient methods for operating activities
  8. Quality of service and attention to strategic marketing
  9. Improvement in the ability to produce engineering documents
  10. Using technology and emphasis on research and development company


  1. The number of projects received during a fiscal period
  2. A comparison of projects getting started in the group specialized in a specific timeframe
  3. Obtaining the written consent of the employer
  4. Papers presented to seminars or conferences in their specialty and
  5. Number of personnel employed during the time period specified
  6. Number of personnel with more than three years work experience
  7. Quality of people and engineers trained in cooperation
  8. The direct salary paid to the income earned in return Specified time
  9. Increase the amount of capital items and amounts contained in the balance sheets of financial companies



  1. Create a comprehensive system of planning and project management based on international standards, including ANSI/PMI-2008
  2. Creation and establishment of management units to define and control the time sequence of activities
  3. Creation and establishment of management units on the job description to determine the range of services and changes
  4. Creation and establishment of management units for cost estimating costs and budgeting tasks
  5. Creation and deployment of manpower resources management unit for process optimization and quality to attract and develop skilled manpower
  6. Create and deploy a unified management control and quality assurance services
  7. Creation and deployment of information technology, project experience documentation for the stabilization, redistribution and reporting appropriate information and reporting
  8. Improved integration of services through the pursuit of macroeconomic management tasks



Community groups are expected to participate as follows:

  1. Structural and Seismic Retrofitting
  2. Architecture
  3. Mechanical installations
  4. Electrical installations
  5. Quality control of construction materials and concrete technology
  6. Geotechnical Geotechnical and Seismic
  7. Excellent supervision and monitoring of project implementation based on



  1. Architects design buildings, education, residential, commercial, office and ...
  2. Design mechanical installations, electrical building, residential, commercial, office and ...
  3. Structural design of educational buildings, residential, commercial, office, gym and ...
  4. Robust control design of existing buildings or running against earthquake
            (Seismic vulnerability assessment and improvement plan)
  5. Monitoring and quality control operations
  6. Welding quality control systems for construction
  7. Design of underground structures (tunnels, water transport, urban and urban tunnels, subway tunnels and stations)
  8. Design style, heavy industrial and technical buildings.
  9. geotechnical consulting services based on site conditions and design specifications
  10. concrete technology, engineering services, design and materials, additional mixing, sampling and testing the effectiveness and concrete ... .
  11. Destructive and non destructive testing services to head out (NDT) to assess the strength of concrete and metal buildings and buildings constructed or under construction



Detailed profile of board members to attend the three-dimensional soil are as follows:

  1. Mr. Hamid Reza Alam Managing Director and Board Member
  2. Mr. Yahya Alam Chairman
  3. The doctor Mohammad Javad Ghfranyha board member
  4. The doctor Siamak Panahi board member
  5. What Mr. Abdullah source board
  6. Mr. M. Musharraf of board member



Consulting Engineers or members of the board of directors and managers of soil next to Join Engineering organizations and institutions have the following:

  1. Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers
  2. Association of Canadian Engineering
  3. Concrete Association of Iran
  4. Construction Engineering Organization in Tehran
  5. Iranian Society of Civil Engineers
  6. Association of non-destructive testing
  7. The company has ISO 9001 and 2008 ITCC England

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