Leading toward a comprehensive science and their ability to No doubt those who look forward to a brighter future than his meditations, issues major projects across the country and recorded in the records of their experiences with the other hand Exploiting the power of our partnership and human resources partner, a company in the form of dozens of other projects under implementation and two years of study have And while the implementation of all these projects and now the company gained a competitive Karpzyry transparent processes with participation in related projects EPC administration on the ability of a valid document itself instead of leaving it.

In line with the company's name and show the evolution of engineering technology - reliable brand in the country's five-year horizon, above the company's basic values and principles with a focus on the activities enumerated under consideration is the :

  • obtain the expected share of the market while maintaining the competitiveness of domestic engineering
  • satisfy employers using modern methods of service
  • Design and engineering with a focus on specialized areas of continuous optimization
  • Become the company's consulting activities in specialized fields
  • Sustainable development and technical capacity to use new technologies

Company to provide quality services in a range of projects including engineering studies and undergraduate studies, the material resistance tests, destructive or non destructive inspection of welding and ... Is composed of the consensus of its constituent members to achieve the above goals are worthy to take the following measures:

  • Comprehensive studies on the projects taking shape in the range
  • Communicate and interact with clients with projects in accordance with the expected service
  • Create a dynamic organization to provide quality services expected by employers
  • Attend technical conferences and technical expertise to create the field of data exchange and mutual assistance with other companies providing engineering services
  • Strengthen the technical strength, scientific and research fields used in the company
  • And providing technical training and management of the forces working in the company
  • identify needs, determine priorities and set up programs to achieve corporate goals
  • growing companies as the private sector's empowerment
  • Cooperation and Assistance with rival companies to obtain more market shares
  • The fee for services in the framework of national regulations, employers satisfaction
  • create a competitive market structure and avoiding excessive and out of the competition rules
  • Develop and strengthen national capabilities in engineering and participate in seminars and conferences
  • Adoption of efficient methods for operating activities
  • Quality of service and attention to strategic marketing
  • Improvement in the ability to produce engineering documents
  • Using technology and emphasis on research and development company